Carbon Cealning

What is Oxyhydrogen Carbon Cleaning?

Under car idle condition, the oxy-hydrogen generator creates brown gas through intake manifold into the chamber of engine combustion for 20 minutes. There are several advantages of brown gas such as: low ignition energy, variable temperature, fast combustion speed, strong catalytic combustion, and more. In a short time it makes carbon oxide, and burning soft until full combustion gasification, and then through the outside exhaust pipes of the vehicle.

No Need of Disassembly Cleaning

Easy to operate, and there is no need for engine dissembling as well as keeping its closure. Saving both time and labor.

Environmental Protection

In the carbon removal hydrogen combustion engine process, it will produce water only after the release of pollutants into the water. There is no harmful emissions of gas.

Don't Damage Machine

Carbon clean medium is not a chemical, and it is a clean brown gas. It will not damage the engine, and no harm for the ternary catalysts, gasket, and oil seal etc.

Convenient Province

The machine auto off after completing the necessary steps. This procedure needs only 20 minutes.

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