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Welcome to Our Company !
Offering a range of reliable HHO generator, Oxy Hydrogen Generator, Gas for Boiler Combustion, Oxy-Hydrogen Generator (Brown gas), Oxy-Hydrogen/Brown Gas Carbon Cleaning Machine, E-power Auto Matcher, Flame Cutting Machine Kingkar500 etc. ..

About Us

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in the year 2012 with the aim to produce green energy solutions. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China. Our product range includes HHO generator, Oxy Hydrogen Generator, Free gas for CNC Cutting, Oxy Hydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine, Gas for Generator and Car Carbon Cleaning. In addition, we offer Oxy-hydrogen generator (Brown gas), Oxy-hydrogen/Brown gas carbon cleaning machine, E-power Auto Matcher, Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine Kingkar1000, Flame cutting machine Kingkar500 etc. All these products are produced by educated experts in abidance with industry set norms.

For offering superior quality products that meet the international standards, we are strictly following quality control procedures. The high quality we make of our products enhance their demands in several parts of Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Cambodia and USA. All the customers of us have given positive feedback after using the products. We also welcome the suggestions of customers for our business policies and pricing structure.

We have built modern set up for product manufacturing, quality testing and research & development. These three units are core areas at our premises and help in our high quality production. In addition to this, our smart and hardworking team helps us in meeting all the demands of customers, on time. Our team members are highly qualified, expert and knowledgeable. They can even handle any crisis situation without hampering the production process.  

Our USPs

We are a renowned leader amongst the green energy based products dealer. Some of our key strengths are:

  • We promote production of green energy
  • We care for the ecology and mother earth
  • We always deliver quality assured products on time
  • We have a large export market
  • Customers prefer us for fair and honest deals 

KingKar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd.